Exploring Fuller Bust Lingerie Design and Manufacturing

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We thought for this week we would give you an insight into how our fuller bust lingerie bras are manufactured and the process from the initial design concept all the way through to you receiving your lovely Ivory Rose goodies.



Design for our fuller bust lingerie is the first step of the timeline, or in our industry it is called the critical path. Design starts nearly a year before our customers get their hands on the final product. At Ivory Rose, we design a whole seasons worth of styles in one go (ie. Spring/Summer season or Autumn/Winter season), this is to ensure we are covering all shape types as well as a variety of moulded and unpadded designs. We start by analysing previous season sales, looking at what sold well and what didn’t sell as well as we had hoped. Following this we also look at our competitors (other lingerie companies) both fuller bust and non fuller bust, looking out for different trends and seeing what new shapes (if any) are around on the high street. We then look at the lingerie trends that are forecasted out to all companies. These forecasters give the direction of fashion for the season, which is why when you go shopping you trend to see similar trends and styles in each shop, just with that particular companies spin on it. 

Once all this information is collated the designers then combine all this together, along with a bit of inspirational designing ourselves to put our spin on the trends (making our designs pretty and girly). A few tweaks later and our design collection is complete, always making sure that each and every design is suitable and supportive for a fuller bust. 

design ideas for lingerie


Now our collection is complete, we send the CAD designs to our factory who are based in China. We have to negotiate prices, plan what months we want to sell a particular design (this is lead by the trends) decide on what quantity we are buying and as well as what quantity we will be buying against each size (we currently stock 35 sizes in bras on www.ivoryroselingerie.co.uk but this is increased on our other platforms such as ASOS, Matalan and SimplyBe where our complete size offering is 63 sizes just on bras!

The final thing we need to decide upon is testing. In order to ensure we are compliant against the EU and USA California testing regulations, we have to test all the different fabrics used and ensure every fabric passes each different test we carry out. We make sure our goods are sellable and do not contain any harmful chemicals or metals that will harm our customers. We also test to ensure that whilst wearing our fuller bust lingerie the colour doesn’t rub under your arms onto your skin or your clothing.

When the above is all complete, we send final orders to the factory and we then start the fitting process. We get samples sent into us in each design and we ensure they fit well to each size. The fitting happens on models as well as measuring the lingerie to make sure the measurements and size fit our size specifications. Whilst this is happening, we also have to approve all the different trims and components of each bra and knicker, making sure colours match for different parts of the lingerie set. When we are happy with the trim, fabric and component quality, tests are passed and the fit is perfect we give the go ahead to the factory to start manufacturing.

When the manufacturing is near completion, we receive a sample from the production to check the fit, quality and colour is as per we ordered and give approval to ship. We also have team members in China who check up on the process during this time. This whole process from order confirmation to manufacturing completion takes around 16 weeks on average.

When the lingerie is boxed up, labelled and ready to go, we then put the goods onto a ship to get them delivered to the UK. The boat takes 4-6 weeks to arrive from China. We can also put them on a plane and this takes between 1-2 weeks but is very expensive! 

lingerie design and manufacture



We now need photographs of our fuller bust lingerie in order to sell the lingerie to you!

We recruit real women as our models and we do not edit or Photoshop any of our images. Every women has lumps and bumps and at Ivory Rose, we want to embrace that, learning to love yourself and promote every body is beautiful!


We have now started lingerie pre-order so once our images are ready we will get the product live on the website so you can be the first to get your hands on it as soon as it arrives into our warehouse. 


Your fuller bust lingerie order is then wrapped with love and posted out to you to wear and feel confident!


if you have any questions on our design and manufacturing process, please feel free to email us at [email protected] or send us a DM on social media


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fuller bust lingerie photoshoot