Founders of Ivory Rose Fuller Bust Lingerie

HI EVERYONE!! – How are you? (We have no idea what we are doing so please bear with us!)

Never did we think in a million years that we both would launch a successful, growing Fuller Bust Lingerie brand let alone sitting here writing our first EVER blog post!

For our first blog, we thought we would tell you all about Ivory Rose – a bit about us, the girls behind the name and why we started the brand.

The Co-owners and Founders of Ivory Rose Lingerie Limited

SO! about us… The Co-owners and Founders of Ivory Rose Lingerie Limited – our business title that makes us sound posh, professional and exactly like we know what we are talking about!! Well we actually do know what we are talking about, but we are definitely not posh!! Far from it.
We are just two normal girls. (Normal?) well you know what I mean?

We don’t have any secrets on who we are or how we started Ivory Rose – as we have just said we are 2 ‘normal’ girls, unfortunately without a money tree in our back garden! We literally came up with the idea of starting a fuller bust lingerie brand and we went for it! It shows our determination as we absolutely HATE people telling us we can’t achieve something. Many people have put us down on our journey and have said what we are setting out to do is IMPOSSIBLE – but Hey! Look at us now… (If only we could use a winking face emoji or a waving hand).

Aimee, a Fashion Graduate from Coventry University born and raised in the heart of Romford, Essex and now living in Peterborough. With a fairy strong common accent, my posh voice (I do try very hard) will never be “posh”. I have struggled my whole life buying lingerie – being a 30FF most brands decide to skip the FF cup (thanks for that) so before Ivory Rose, I only had one shop that I could purchase my bras from that fitted me well. However, their range was always limited, and it was always the same few styles that I had to keep on re-buying for £35 a bra! Something needed to change…

Frankie (or Frank, I get called Frank a lot) I’m from Borehamwood, Hertfordshire but moved up to a little place just outside of Peterborough called March. All I will say is it’s very green, flat and very different to the built-up land of North London. I studied at the Fashion Retail Academy in London and then went on to explore the world of work, experiencing the buying role many different retail head offices. In the past I always hated lingerie shopping… I avoided it. Which resulted in me wearing the wrong size bra for many years. (I have now learnt that actually so many ladies are wearing the wrong size bra due to not getting measured/self-measuring). I could never find the size I needed, or bras were just BIG & BEIGE!! Come on who wants to pay £35 plus for an ugly bra.

As you have properly now guessed, both of us are fuller bust. (30FFs on a good day – 32Gs with a food baby – yes Frankie’s boobs grow after she binge eats) Which is the bonus side to our brand as we understand the struggle you ladies are facing being over DD+, we understand your needs and we are here to offer you the bra at affordable, competitive prices!!

We are like angles sent from god… Thank us later ?

We both met during our previous fashion buying jobs. As ladies do on their lunch break, we used to have a chin-wags (Aimee your Essex lingo coming out here) about all things girly.. make up, boys, clothes, fake tan, holidays and this is where we started talking about Bras and where we bought our bras from. Who knew a small handful of girls all having the same issue?  “You’ve got big boobs, where do you get your bras from?” was our conversation starter! Might we mention there were a few young, now red faced, lads sitting around the table with us! After joking about starting our own business and a telephone call later that evening asking “if your serious I’m serious… let’s do it” little did we know that it would lead us to where we and Ivory Rose are today.

Ivory Rose Lingerie Founder Ivory Rose Lingerie Founder

We get asked a lot – it isn’t very interesting actually, ‘How did you come up with the name, Ivory Rose Lingerie?’ A skype call (we skype a lot) on a dark, late evening… trying to set the scene here – it involved some research into other lingerie names (people like Italian or feminine names) and the use of Microsoft Word’s lovely font types and voila Ivory Rose Lingerie was formed (told you it wasn’t exciting) – but we love the name, the logo, it fits and that is what matters the most.

Our size range is already growing but our main size range starts from a 30DD up to a 38G (DD, E, F, FF & G Cups). This is what’s currently stocked on our website plus adding in our bestselling T-shirt Bras up to a 42G. (and there are more sizes to come!!) which is our biggest platform, and may we add that we are the NO.1 FULLER BUST LINGERIE BRAND on ASOS, stocking our lingerie up to a 48G. How crazy is that!?!

We have two exciting platforms we are launching on in October, where you can buy up to a 48G but we will keep that a surprise for now. Keep your eyes peeled on our Social Media pages.

If you are not familiar with our product (if you are not, then you need to check out our website!) our plain T Shirt bras start retailing at just £12!! – yes £12, that isn’t a typo. Our fashion Bras start at £15, which means you can get a gorgeous set for just £20 – bargain right? You are probably wondering how we do this; we do get asked regularly how we can retail our fuller bust lingerie so cheaply. We do correct people when they say ‘cheap’ as to us this is associated with not the best quality and a bra that may be ill fitting. If you haven’t already tried our bras, we can assure you that they are in fact a good quality (those in comparison to a regular £35 bra) and fit really well – you may think we are biased, try them if you don’t believe us! Also I just wanted to mention we do sell knickers and thongs too. We go on about the bras a bit and forget we all like a matching set in our lingerie draw. Finally, we sell absolutely gorgeous bodies that our current customers cannot get enough of!! They sell out as soon as they are in stock, so you are pretty lucky if you already have your hands on one! They are underwired, so you purchase your cup size. Don’t be afraid to wear one on your girl’s night out either – We have!! PS. Don’t forget to tag us in your insta pics!

Fuller Bust Lingerie team members

To us Ivory Rose is all about selling pretty, girlie, supportive, everyday bras at amazing retail prices.

You want a bra that you can wear comfortably under clothing but it’s still pretty.

Saying that we have BANNED the word “SEXY”

We don’t like that word because it’s just not us.

Think soft pretty colours, flowers – CANDYFLOSS, RAINBOWS, GLITTER AND UNICORNS!

Right.. As we can see we are babbling on we need to rap this up – We both can chat for days!

You have read all about us and Ivory Rose and now we have tempted you to buy our pretty lingerie.

So much more is happening with Ivory Rose but we can’t let out all our secrets in our first blog…..

You are going to have to stay tuned and read more each week!

Yes – we are doing weekly blogs because we want our customers to feel connected and be with us every step of the way.

There’s going to be highs and lows of course, but its life and we are on a journey.

Any questions just comment below or email us at and don’t forget to check out our YouTube page. This blog in video form awkwardly recorded by us (as we are useless and weird in front of a camera) is now LIVE! We know your dying to see what we look like…
Ivory Rose Lingerie on YouTube

Buy our gorgeous bras and write a review, we love hearing from you all!! xx

Until next week…

Much Love

Aimee and Frankie